Above & beyond


Mecca inspires innovation.

As one of our pillars, Mecca encourages innovation, cultivating ideas that go Above and Beyond the current standards and limitations for underserved communities. We have collectively experienced enough implicit biases: 

  • Sexism in the work place including the outdoors industry. 
  • Racism in safety equipment like helmets. 
  • Transphobia in categories and behavior at events. 
  • Ableism in healthcare and durable medical devices. 

Overcoming oppression is costly yet necessary for a more inclusive future. Our Above and Beyond Program offers our members support — through services, resources and education — to unlock their highest potential to move!

Program Overview

  • Services
    • Access to technological advances
    • Become a partner to help a specific population
  • Resources
    • Learn to self advocate 
    • Share real stories from other members 
  • Education
    • Connect with experienced mentors 
    • Brain storm big-picture solutions with experts


  • Available to members only
  • Commit to principles designed to help facilitate safer spaces for learning and exploration with care, respect, and intention.