DEI Activation


Mecca cultivates diversity, equity and inclusion for our future.

At our core, Mecca strives to share the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI):

  • Diverse ethics breed innovation and audiences
  • Equitable opportunities provide accessibility and transparency
  • Including others’ stories builds trust and collaboration 

Talking the DEI talk is the easy part, while walking the walk requires refined balance between authenticity and deception. Our DEI Activation Program provides the fundamentals of crawling before confidently walking the walk. 

Program Overview

  • Deliverables
    • Social media content
    • YouTube product tutorials 
  • Education 
    • Easy digestible definitions and real-life examples 
    • Dive deeper and explore concepts like implicit bias
  • In-person services
    • Group ride leaders
    • Event organization


  • Available members and friends of members
  • Commit to principles designed to help facilitate safer spaces for learning and exploration with care, respect, and intention.